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As a squad, Buzzard is a supportive web3 software build-as-research lab. We like making products that help us better understand and better connect with each other, and the world around us. Formed out of a shared interest in collaborative play, our core methodology is expressed through:

Composable and permeable team structure. There's no set way to work as a team, so we leave the structure open based on who shows up to play. Our projects are not limited to Buzzard squad members, although we provide leadership and direction.

Minimum viable structure based on playful experimentation. We've found that people generally know how to play together if there's a good play-space provided. So we create and hold spaces for playful experimentation.

Improvisational approach. We always start with a laughably easy, small project to get into co-creation quickly. Entering into a shared-work space.

Prioritize fun. If we're not having fun, odds are we've strayed too far off the path somehow. This usually happens when we're being too serious, too structured, or overly focused on some kind of objective outcome. When there's space to have fun, we come up with our best ideas.

Gamelike mechanics to express complex technological concepts.

Peer-based organizational structure that rests on emergent hierarchies and voluntary contributions

If you aren't familiar with the reference to squads, a good starting place is this lovely other internet piece.

Currently we’re a squad of six:

- Jon Borichevskiy

- Dave Gorum

- CJ Pais

- Kristen Pavle

- Tony Llongueras

- Jordan McCommons

And we've got some friends in orbit, folks who we've collaborated closely with:

- Shahruz

- Kevin

- Arthur

We kind of bumbled into each other, and we look forward to happening across other co-spirators. Wanna say hi? Drop us a line hey@buzzard.life