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Apr 26, 2021

2021-04-26 Meta Reflection - BUZZARD 02

by: CJ Pais

I think there are a few things on my mind for immediate reflection.

Quickly summarize. We had a conversation last time about this piece. However before the conversation we each wrote our thoughts on the piece. We would reveal these thoughts on the call, this focused our conversation. Unsure of how to start reading each piece, we on-the-fly decided that one writing would be chosen, then the writer would expand on their written thoughts. This went around everyone until all the pieces were read.

This revealing of thoughts we have dubbed the 'black box'. It has some unique properties that are very interesting. I found myself prior to the discussion slightly worried/anxious that what I wrote would not fit in with the rest of everyone elses ideas. I think this is a feature and not a bug however. I think it says something about my own thought (some desire to conform) certainly. But also taking a look at my desire to conform ideas, leads to some perhaps unwanted properties that we see in conversations today. That is a large degree of groupthink. Lending itself to a lack of deep independent thought. I think the black box used here helps to aid independent thought.

With this said I think we need more play. Given I had some anxiety shows to me (personally) I am lacking some level of trust, or perhaps, lack of belief in my own ideas. It is not clear to me yet, though I hope with discussion we can explore this a little more. I feel this is a good sign, a sign of push and growth. Would like to dive more into this potentially.

Quickly will tackle the other two bullets, as the first one was the most interesting to me. I think there is a lot of depth in it that can be explored, more than I am writing here.

I found the soapbox interesting, but perhaps it could have been audio that was released before the call? I wouldn't mind doing multiple artifacts. I think perhaps the black box release could be played with to change how the conversation goes. Does it dive more directly in? Where to start?! Anyway thoughts.

I think overall the last bullet is more that since we avoided some level of groupthink, we can potentially add a LOT of nuance to the conversation surrounding the piece. Something more truly multi-perspectival.