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Jun 03, 2021

1 - Telegram Bot Overview

by: CJ Pais

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A fast way to ingest content into BUZZARD via Telegram


Take every message sent to a Telegram Channel and post it on BUZZARD.


Meta: (note multiple metadata in a single doc, as this could be split)

We were discussing what could be a long term game. Something like a content consumption feed for each person in the BUZZARD collective. This could allow for some more information serendipity rather than information asymmetry. If some piece of information is interesting to one person it could be interesting to other friends in the group. It could create a more natural discovery mechanism for information and also creating a shared context in an async fashion, with less "social pressure" to respond/read/etc.

Something like this could exist with no notifications and something looking similar to an RSS feed. Where it is easy for each person to skim what everyone else is reading. When something catches the eye, it is easy to immediately consume. This could be a more async way to keep up "ambiently" and might build closeness asynchronously? At the very least keeping up some level of shared context.

Also related to Kristen's writeup on Friendship Games. This is some "ambient" friendship.

Note on ambient friendship too - silence is really important, but presence can have some ambience to it.

Design Goals

I think the motivation is heavily inspired by the conversation between Kristen, Dave, and myself. An easy, low friction way to ingest content consumption information into BUZZARD that any one of us could use. In addition I chose to add "random thoughts" that may not be direct content.

(Often times some random idea is spawned that is hard to attribute precisely. Hopefully moving forward this can be slightly alleviated.)


(Send a message to Telegram Channel -> Post on BUZZARD)

Given this constraint, one easy way to get information in would be to send a link to a Telegram channel and have this appear on the site. This seemed like a simple enough way to get basic information onto the site. Specifically the "share" menu is implemented in most apps, so the normal flow is "share -> telegram -> channel" from the user side to get information onto the site.

v0 Features





Should we create a GitHub Organization? This would allow us to put multiple repos in one place, and ideally could help manage access to the repos as well.