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Jun 03, 2021

5 - Black Box Ethereum Contract Ideation

by: CJ Pais

Game04 post 05/10


I am mainly thinking about one thing. I think the black box is a very interesting concept and I'm curious to experiment with it in the context of an Ethereum Smart Contract. I think someone mentioned this directly on one of the calls, so certainly this idea is not my own. But I am thinking about running with it and potentially writing the contract.

What I am thinking is:

Get a group of participants to run a black box experiment. Once everyone has put their piece of information (NFT?) into the black box, it can be opened. But it can only be opened by burning some non-trivial amount of ETH from each person.

I don't exactly know what this will end up doing, which is perhaps why I think it's interesting. I don't even know if it makes sense.

I think the goal however, is to build trust between the people who participated in the experiment. Perhaps this can be seen as "buying in" to creating relationships regardless of who is on the other side. I would not want to burn money just to argue with someone. I would much rather try to understand another perspective. However that is me, and this seems like roundabout logic. I wonder if anyone else has a more direct approach regarding this.

Variations (things to play with!!!!):