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Jun 07, 2021

7 - Telegram Bot How-To - Detailed Text Walkthrough

by: CJ Pais

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Create Telegram Channel

Under the compose button in Telegram there is an option to "Create New Channel", click this.

Follow the steps to create the channel. The name can be anything that you'd like. It can also be a private or public channel.

Add @BuzzardBot as an admin of the channel

After the channel has been created, click on the channel name at the top of the screen. This will open a window where you can change settings of the channel. To have the bot work functionally, you need to add it as an admin. Search for @BuzzardBot and add it. Make sure in the settings for this that the bot can send messages, everything else can be left unchecked, however this is not recommended for now.

Set the author of the channel

Once BuzzardBot is a member of your channel you are almost ready to go. The bot needs to know who is "authoring" this channel.

Issue the command /set <author> to set yourself as the author as the channel. This should be the same username you are using on BUZZARD. If the author is added successfully you should see Author <author> successfully added in the channel.

Seeing something else?

Begin posting

Now you can start posting and it should all show up on git!