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Jun 07, 2021

8 - Telegram Bot How-To - Photo Walkthrough

by: CJ Pais

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Click to create a new channel The writing pad icon circled, to click

Click "New Channel" Option menu after clicking

Add a channel name Screen where you can add channel name

The channel can be public or private, you can choose either Telegram interface to choose public or private channel

Once channel created, click the channel's name at the top Box surrounding the new channel's name

Click administrators to add the bot as an admin Channel settings menu

Click "Add Admin" Box showing button to click

Search and click on @BuzzardBot Search bar for the admin to add

You can change the settings that the bot can control. The defaults are good enough, but this is suggested Suggested bot admin setup

Set the author of the channel using `/set Issuing command in the channel

Showing the message you should receive if the author was added successfully. Author added successfully

Start sending messages! They will show up on BUZZARD! Showing the bot working