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Jun 05, 2021

Freewriting 6/5/21

by: Dave Gorum

A game system premised on mutual increased interest. Win together. A bonding tension.

Ask Jordan hall to give us a read on what we’re doing and where we might be headed. A sense reflection

I see some connection in the tooling of entertainment tech (games and media) and pedagogical pursuit. A build ethos for collaborative craftspeople. Intrinsic work for soulful tool builders. Delayed profit, long builds, a complex fulfilling game, a chance at a depth lifestyle. Practice centric. Interest intentionality. Successful-generous (synonymous) squads and swarms participating in a collaborative style favoring close relationship developed through creative collaborative works and stewardship of responsibility.

Some human-centric entrepreneurial sense can be valued. Fair and good faith business practice. The study and innovation of “square” dealing (moral, mutually affording). Utilizing technologies to increase this style of business. Innovation should be accompanied by the philosophical practice of design. Attempts at a shared understandings of the implications of powerful technology to best explore their uses in elegant implementations (elegant here meaning: in-line with the contours of reality such that margin of effort tends toward efficiency).

Form some sort of favor network. Can start with decision feedback. Problem framing. Economic decisions, relationship perspectives, how to think about it chats. Based on shared experience. Clear honest recollection of experience told from personal perspective. Participants who actively pursue the pragmatically fulfilling virtue of self-honesty will have an advantage in play. Tensions? Games?

Don’t value the thing, value the underlying understanding of what makes the thing valuable. Understanding the game design engine parameters (even better if you can figure out why they got the way they are) helps you design alternate styles of play. This style of deep interest is the fruit of leisured living, that is, living comfortably in a style that priveleges an outlook of understanding the healthful value of a balance between the mindsets of scarcity and of abundance and their synthesis: generosity. or something.

Designing from ethos is a lot easier. Though the skill is often hard won.