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Jun 03, 2021

Freewriting 6/3/21

by: Dave Gorum

Finding myself more and more interested in decentralized organizations, methods of supporting creative work via token systems, social collaboratives, etc. Found a few sources this morning that cover what companies can do well and what decentralized movements that value cultural-significance over profit structures can do well. The crux being that the latter are hampered by the difficulty of supporting the vital work. Value tends to accrue to those who are the loudest, not those who are most essential. This imbalance skews toward markets and what is marketable. A workable rebalancing is what I’m interested in. Not just equability, which would be healthy, but a system whose game has balanced play for bespoke role type. Allowing one to play as themselves and reap benefit at least hearty enough to continue play.

Hypnogogic state this morning had me pouring through possibilities on the OS. A canvas model. Media inputs of all sorts from all devices. Centering mostly around the iPad. Queries instead of files. Not sure what that means but it came up last night with Jon. Was pondering a post-desktop metaphor. What is the place, the extension, the consolidated touch point of the relational OS. How does it travel with you? How does it extend you? How do you converse with it? What metaphor? “Studio” came to mind this morning. My studio, our studio.

The next place my mind goes is to gardening. The out of doors. The world as studio. Indoors outdoors. This is aspirational.

The web3 research proposal came up again. It’s something I likely need to start. Kristen pushing to open the thing up. Willing to help too. I’d have to change behavior and maybe there’s a bit of old dog new tricks going on there. Figuring out how to map territory. Where people are doing interesting things. Talking to people would be more fun. Recording those conversations. Perhaps Kristen and I could do this. A call a week. Share the convos. Use them as fuel for further mapping. This excites me. Then add the media to the stream.

Forms for information consumption. The post is internet native. The podcast. The streamable video. The video as two way communication. Rather than recording pixels recording vector data. Repayable in environment. A recorded work session. Similar to what Procreate does with their time lapses. Play pause scrub. How is the thought development visualized? How does one flow through the developed relationships? Movement. Hunting / gathering metaphors? Picking, placing, sorting, processing, developing, curating.

A call for dream builders. Information weavers. A shared dream. Only dreamable together. Larger than the individual mind can hold. It’s boundaries only findable through participatory play. The skills of the dreamers are its limbs into reality. This is the logic of design fictions. Of crafting lore engines to attract player/builders.

Research and explore the various types of collaboration. Async, sync, through various medias. Projects accessible across the spectrum of people sensitivity. Room for preference, room to grow. Participation is the only condition. This should excite, engage, be fun.

Post type: audio summary. Explain what I’ve learned from a piece. Lenses: Relevance. Implications.