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Jun 06, 2021

response to "Journal of Buzzard/Game 04 Frustrations" (6/10)

by: Jon Borichevskiy


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This all resonates, lots! This game is tremendously open-ended and I felt (and still feel) a glue to the process, a sort of friction to it: there are so many possibilities for these posts, and so little precedent beyond what the others have posted so far and the amorphous idea of a "media post".

Seeing other people's creations changes (for the better) the scope of things that could be considered a post, and that makes me excited. But in that vastness of possibility there needs to be some general navigation so we don't create things undecipherable to others while still remaining intimate and true to ourselves.

There is also this sense of being unable to properly reply to other people's posts; ideally I would walk over and share my response with them but I want to encode it digitally to playtest distributed creation. So I'm channeling it into here I guess.

Edit: this all doubly so after seeing the magic Shahruz came up with.

Specific quotes:

Every time I think about creating a post, it feels forced.

I wouldn't describe my feeling as "forced" but there is friction, like the unwillingness to commmit to one in nervous anticipation of collapsing so many other possibilities.

But I will say, it's WAY more fun doing this with a group than alone.

very much agreed

< :: small monologue on large converstaions : response to "Journal..." : buzzard 7 :: >