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Jun 03, 2021

Information I Consumed on May 27, 2021 - game 04.02

by: Kristen Pavle

Game 04, post 02/10


Trying out being more intentional about documenting what I'm reading, seeing if this helps me read more and make more sense out of what I'm reading. The verdict is still out - for some reason, I have a hard time reading non-fiction. I think I ruined myself when I worked as a qualitative researcher - I would have to read for very specific information, it was a form of data collection. I probably reinforced somewhat obsessive habits while doing qualitative research.And now, it's hard to just read through something... for fun, for interest.

And when I get into a document that is longer, like the Oshon piece below, it takes me a whole hour to read through it all - and that's without reading with too much focus. Explicitly trying to read for feel more than anything else. (As much as one can read for feel in a piece that breaks down capitalism through 4 capitalist thinkers' eyes). Maybe I'm just a slow reader? Maybe I just need to hone the skill? Not sure but I don't particularly enjoy the experience, nor do I know what to do with the information I've gleaned. (I think there's a catch-22 in here - if I don't know what to do with the information, it's not fun.)

Most frequently, I get stuck in this loop of "why am I reading? what am I reading for?" Which often stops me from even reading in the first place, because I can't really focus on the text when I don't know why I'm reading it. Also, when it's not enjoyable, I simply choose to do something else.

I think writing about this, and publishing it, is helpful. Acknowledging I've got some kind of complex around reading (this just sounds weird, externalizing this. As if I'm self-conscious of my reading habits, which, I suppose I am!). In summary - don't know what I'm doing or why. I guess I can rest assured I'm in good company with the rest of humanity.

What this post is

Last week, on Thursday 5/27/21 (when we first started playing Buzzard Game 04 I took notes in my Roam database on what I was consuming throuhg the day. It was journal-style notes. I'm not sure why I decided to do this. I periodically try new approaches to consumption to try and figure out the above shenanigans. This is one example of such.

1. "Let the #environment guide our #development" by Johan Rockstrom

YouTube vid - TED Talk

2. "The Treadmill Effect: Capitalism, or Bullshit?" by [[Oshon Jarow]]

Essay - Musing Mind

3. "Subtext: markup for note-taking" by [[Gordon Brander]]

()Substack - Subconscious)["https://subconscious.substack.com/p/subtext-markup-for-note-taking"]

4. "Life After an Internet Mob Attack" by [[Pasquale D'Silva]]

Post - Pasquale.cool

5. Buy Nothing project


6. "Behind the Myths of Scott and Zelda’s Epic Romance" by Behind the Myths of Scott and Zelda’s Epic Romance