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Jun 05, 2021

Freewrite, erotic vignette teaser - game 04.06

by: Kristen Pavle

Game04 post 06/10


I like to write erotic literature, little vignettes of experience that play on sensual, sexual proclivities. Sometimes I'm in the mood to write it, and the writing kind of pours out of me. So I just go with the flow and channel the creative impulse.

Eventually I'd like to publish an anthology of vignettes. No idea when or if I'll try to focus the anthology on some theme. For now, I just write when it feels right.

I'm definitely self-conscious of this style of writing, but have shared bits and pieces with people over time. I will probably publish under a pen name when I first release any erotica. Time will tell!


She'd watched him from across the room for hours now, yet somehow he hadn't yet seen her. How is it possible he hadn't even looked her way once? Aneesa sighed, and turned back to her laptop, trying to focus on getting the words out of her head and onto the page. Funny how a simple blog post about her current trip to Mexico was so difficult to write. But she knew it was partially because she was still on the journey, and it's always a challenge to write about something while it's still in action. "Gotta keep the audience warm," Aneesa murmured to herself.

Her fingers started to move across the keyboard and her eyes widened as the screen revealed what she really wanted to write about, him. The dark shaggy haired creature across the room, a brooding type with what looked to be brown or hazel eyes. His skin a warm brown from days spent in the sun. A simple white t-shirt covering broad shoulders. Indeed he was alluring...

"Looking up from her laptop, their eyes locked for the first time. And a jolt of energy released in her body. Pondering how much coffee she had that morning, she realized the energy pulsing through her was of a different kind. A creative energy, bountiful and rooted within her. His gaze was fierce, and she swore that there was movement across his eyes, like clouds from a storm brewing."

She squirmed in her chair, knowing where this would end up. While she'd finish this writing session with a nice little erotic vignette, she'd also need to leave to go relieve herself of the tension building between her legs. "Worse things have happened," Aneesa mused. She shivered with desire, but before putting down her romantic urges and returning to her blog post, she raised her eyes to find him across the room, yet again. As hopeful as each of the hundreds of other times her eyes roamed to him.

But this time, Cassian was not aloof. He was now somehow, suddenly, fully aware of Aneesa's presence, and staring darts into her. Without realizing it, Aneesa's jaw slackened, her mouth slightly agape. She thought she could make out the slightest tension across his mouth, a smirk-smile of sorts, his eyes softened and became more playful. Cassian's eyes roved over Aneesa, noted the way her round hazel eyes grew to the size of dinner plates as they locked stares. And the way her yellow sundress moved subtly with each breath she took, her brown hair messy and beautiful, her shocked look morphing into something more mischievous.

They couldn't break eye contact, riveted to each other, just as Aneesa had written in her vignette. Quickly she started writing again.

"There's something about the way they communicated through their eyes, somehow more expressive than anything she'd ever felt before. He leaned back in his chair, his gaze lightened a bit but did not break from her. There was something feral in his motions, like he was sizing up his prey, an apex predator who can take his time because there was nothing that could possible get in the way of him executing his plan. Well, if that was the case, then two can play this game, she thought. The least she could do was give him something to work for. She would not roll over easily, that is until he had her pinned with nowhere to go but into him."

Her leg started bobbing under the table, a potent energy elevating the internal vibration within her body, her dress shifting across her fair, freckled skin. She dragged her eyes up to him, and there Cassian sat, arms easily crossed and legs extended and crossing at the ankles, looking comfortable and yet, eager. He was trying to restrain himself, she realized and slowly raised her eyebrows to him. Almost impercetibly, Cassian bit his lower lip. The only tell of his desire, seeping out. His features loosened more, before he realized his slip and returned to a stone-faced, focused disposition. She smiled coyly, letting him know she realized what he was up to.

Suddenly, Cassian moved to pack up his belongings. First, he stacked the papers strewn across the table. Pausing to look at her, eyes blazed with intent. Then closed his laptop. Eyes raised to meet hers to check in. Inside her head, she pleaded with the gods that he wouldn't leave. He piled the papers on the laptop. Eyes locked. His notes and computer moved to the backback on the ground. Eyes connected. And then Cassian sat, still, observing her. She couldn't move, as if raptured by him. Neither Aneesa nor Cassian could imagine what would happen next, both acutely attuned to the current moment.

Aneesa found herself poised to return the favor, suddenly packing up her belongings. Pausing between each movement to check in with him. After collecting her computer, pens, and notebooks, and moving them into her backpack, she too sat back to assess the situation. Now they were both packed up, with nowhere to go. Wisftully, they both hoped to go nowhere, together.

This time Cassian raised his eyebrows, in silent question. And she couldn't help but smile, a wide inviting grin to let him know that she didn't want to stop playing this game. He laughed quietly, laugh lines showing on his face, she could almost hear him but not quite. Finding the courage to stand up, she grabbed her bag and started toward the door. Cassian swiftly followed suit, the two of them mirroring the other's movements.

Both of their hearts banged around in their chests, anticipation building as she made her way to the threshold of the door, a second floor room of the cafe where they'd been sitting. Casually looking over her shoulder to find him following her, she descended down the stairs, dropping off her coffee mug in the bus tub before exiting the shop.

Outside, the sun shone brightly and the warm, humid ocean air hit her. Cassian took her in from behind, the way her yellow sundress caught at her hips, her full ass hidden just out of sight and perched on a set of long, lean muscled legs. Her light brown hair, wavy, brushing at her shoulders in the breeze. Something about her fair skin stirred something deeply inside.

Briefly, she paused to pull her sunglasses down over her eyes, before crossing the front patio. Turning right, she began to walk down the street, towards her house. She could feel him behind her, a presence so strong that she had no doubt they were starring in a silent movie.

Just past the coffee shop, Cassian snapped. His cool facade broke as he realized he was not in control of the situation and unsure of what game she was playing. Reaching out, he quickly grabbed Aneesa's hand, and pulled, gently but firmly. She stopped in her tracks, and with another gentle pull, she twirled to face him. Her sundress settling after the abrupt movement. He kept a hold of her hand, only a few feet separating him. Aneesa moved her sunglasses back to her head, so she could see him more clearly. And again, they joined eyes. She was right, hazel eyes, dark hazel eyes were locked to her own, a lighter hazel flecked with orange.

They stood just like this, blocking the sidewalk for what felt like an eternity, before Cassian decided to move and close the gap between them. Aneesa gasped quietly as he dropped her hand, and lightly dragged his fingers up her bare arm, up her neck, until he found her jawline. Cassian noted the contrast between his dark skin, tanned by the sun, and her pearly, rosy complexion. The back of his hand moved slowly from her chin to her ear, where he tucked a strand of loose hair. He smelled of coconuts, and something more earthy, reminsicent of palo santo.

Closing her eyes briefly to savor this strange, electrically charged moment, she breathed deeply. Eyes opening again, his mouth moved and he said, simply, "Cassian." His voice was deep, rough. And she couldn't make sense of the word, repeating to him, her voice firm but soft, "Cassian?" He smiled, blinking slowly, "Yes. That's my name." No frills. No extra information. Simple, straightforward. "Aneesa," she managed. His fingers again found her jawline and moved toward her lips as she finished saying her own name.

The light brush of his fingers across her lips was jolting. He repeated, "Aneesa," and then asked, "May I?" moving in as if to kiss her. And without thinking, Aneesa nodded. Within inches of her, he was met with her smell, of fresh saltwater and a potent splash of some kind of floral scent. His lips hovered over hers as he quietly shared, "you smell amazing." The movement causing their mouths to brush, Cassian shuddered. And moved to kiss Aneesa fully.

There was nothing tepid about their kiss, and yet it was somehow gentle and welcoming. The pressure of his mouth an urgent request for entry, Aneesa yielded to Cassian. He felt her relax into him, and he effortlessly moved her so her back was against the wall of the building they stood in front of. Casually, he propped an arm up to frame her and drew back to observe her reaction. Staring up at Cassian, Aneesa opened her mouth to say something, but only managed to giggle. Her laughter was a music, an antidote, to his seriousness. And he couldn't help but laugh in return, and a dark rumbling reverberation went through her as he watched her chest heave, her breathing becoming uneven.

Throwing caution to the wind, she asked, "would you like to come over?" Never before, in her wildest dreams, would she imagine inviting a stranger over, in broad daylight, for... whatever this rendezvous would lead to. "I thought you'd never ask," he responded, leaned in, and kissed her again. Just a peck. An amuse-bouche. He pulled away, and watched as her body rose from leaning against the wall, eager to move closer to him again. Snatching his hand she pulled him along, a quick clip in her step, her long legs carved a swift pace.

They didn't speak for the short 5 minute walk to her place, not letting go of each other's hand. Periodically stealing glances, their individual minds savoring the moment of not knowing what was happening. Of being beyond words, literally in the hands of a stranger, a sensation of pure delight blossoming over and over again. Like waves crashing on a shore. Aneesa loved this moment, before really getting to know someone, the moment of such great anticipation, unbridled potential energy.

Aneesa guided Cassian around the corner, turning onto her block. The quiet tree-lined street with its colorful cottages and narrow paths worn down each side of the street in the iceplant that lined the dirt road. They approached a small green cottage, with a full garden of native plants, aloe and cacti and other succulents, a small gate standing between them and the walkway to the front door. They slowed their stroll and at last dropped their grip on one another. She turned to find him with an inquisitive smile, as he gestured towards her front lawn, and asked, "What's with the gate and no fence?"

Aneesa loosed a breathy laugh, relieved at the simplicty of the question, "You're not the first to ask, and I'm not entirely sure, I guess the owners just like the floating gate look?" She shrugged and as her shoulders fell, so did one of the straps of her dress. Cassian's eyes dropped to the yellow strap, and then met her gaze again as he moved to replace the strap to its rightful home. Entranced by the proximity to her beautiful, freckled, lithe body, he couldn't help but imagine what she would look like fully disrobed. How many freckles he could trace along every square inch of her.