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Jun 14, 2021

Meta-Reflection on Game 04, and Buzzard Sync - June 14, 2021

See also: Game04 Overview and Buzzard Group Sync 6/14/21

Forum-Style Discussion Invitation

Yo! This is Kristen, inviting ya'll Buzzards to drop some notes in here, however you see fit. No pressure in responding at all. But if you are keen to, maybe create a section for yourself? Or feel free to nestle into my bullets and drop your initials so we can track who's thinking what?

IDK - thought it may be interesting to hear from others on my thinking here, in a semi-chat or forum-ish structure.


I felt like the mood was very different for this sync hang. @Dave, @Jon, and I were talking after and there seemed to be some agreement on this front. Thought I'd jot down some of the fleeting thoughts and points of our post-hang chat.