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Mar 15, 2021

2021-03-15 Seed Post

by: Dave Gorum

This is a bit of a stream of conciousness post on how I'm thinking about this site build and the kinds of rituals and experiments Kristen and I are enacting in the build out.

Statement of Purpose

I really want to doodle a picture here of a porpoise making a statement. I will not, because this is serious business.

Desert Roads take me home

Right now I'm not doing any image processing (though I spent a day of effort fiddling with a few methods). Can do all that manually for the time being. Automate what makes sense with help later. We're prizing actions that lead to active experimentation as quickly as possible. The data from these experiments will inform any software we build. That said, any sufficiently grueling process should be collapsed with a simple and scrappy build where possible.

General Build Details

Settled on 11ty