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Mar 31, 2021

2021-03-31 Manifesto Components

by: CJ Pais


Listening is good. Contributing is better

Openness. Protocols. Ideas. Etc.

Humanized technology


What are the basic primitive and data types we want? How can we make them composable?

For example I want a podcast data type. I want it to have transcriptions. I want it to have bookmarks (is this an extension?), how to have a system that allows extensibility and replicability across data types. And data types that continue to build on top of eachother? That is maybe I want voice notes on it too, how can i have a module that now is a voice note data type? Which is really just audio, but maybe I have some defaults for what that is to me. A way of viewing that particular information in a particular way. Basically in a way being able to customize the algo for multiple people potentially.

Something that is programmable and rewards programmers. You created this code that thousands of people forked. That is worth something. Want to have that as an incentive. This goes really for any creative work and links into the much earlier conversations we have had about micropayments and transclusion.

Having this programmability and rewarding programmers is important to me, but I think it is also important from the user perspective. Allows for a seamless way of consuming information differently. Not shoehorned into one algo, but really a collection of many. But really what we are looking at is the same underlying data and there are just many ways to interpret it. Not unlike the brain itself.

What primitives allow to build twitter, fb, insta on top of them. But also what can we do better? What primitives do they not allow for that we can have?

Finding commonality between people. This can be an extension based on topics?

Are topics themselves an extension?

Does quadradic funding play a role here

The tag I attach should automatically add a lot of context That is if I attach a person that has some value