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May 25, 2021

Tuesday May 25th, 2021

by: CJ Pais


Reading Kristen's notes on Friendship Game Design

I am adding highlights and some notes via Hypothesis. One potential issue with this is that they are not visible to just anyone who is visiting the site. That it is not very transparent, or obvious that that layer even exists. What is a better model for this? Would it be to suggest "HEY! this site has some content you can't see, install this little plugin and you can see"? or really instead of install just say, oh click this button to turn on the layer? more pluggable websites? i guess what is the right design methodology here? given there could be the same data but displayed in multiple ways. is this up to the website or the user? what if the user is clueless, we cannot expect everyone to be a power user. but we need to enable power user features to the average person).

Some core takeaways for me


The main thing I've been thinking about yesterday and today is how to ingest content into BUZZARD easily in a way that is easily replicable by everyone. Also curious of the forms of distribution.

I think because of this I am looking to build on top of Telegram channels as a way of ingestion. There are lots of media formats that can go, and at the very least some base level of reply which can be added.

Now to go to paper to think out further.