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Jul 23, 2021

Where are we going next?

by: Jon Borichevskiy


what are we proposing?

an interface to publish [[blocks]] to [[IPFS]] but first, in a playground. These are not going anywhere permanent yet, but are shared in a format which can go somewhere permanent.

Also: gain more clarity about what an edit means, how transclusion works, and the process by which they make it on to the "public chain".

Media will be submitted in the form of a post; a collection of blocks. Text, audio, video links, images in form. Metadata will will give us who, relative to who, and when. Bridges can be built to this point, the important part is that there's something that points to a who and a what.

The next part is making sense of everyone else's blocks. We'll be using TheGraph query/equivalent - a way of saying "show me the blocks this way, and save the arrangement in my response to this". Queries allow anyone to reconstruct sufficient context to publishing, view, re-arrange, and reply to/at/with the rest of us.

Which blocks make it? How to re-mix? What is a highlight? A pointer? A re-phrasing?

iCloud doodles

thought seeds

Trying to imagine the fidelity and resolution of a living room conversation with the reach of the internet. How do you encode the act of bringing something into existence?


K: in response to CJ's question of individually vs group - I vote for group

Same! Group publishing enables solo publishing, but solo publsihing doesn't necessarily enable group publishing in the way we want.

K: what's the simplest play actions we can think of in term of relating to blocks?

One useful frame here is "verbs": what do we want to do with these blocks? How do we want to interact with them? Push, arrange, sort, stack, glue, etc.

K: Broadcast meaning: share widely, post to social media channels (do we want to do this? I think so...?)

I think so too, will be interesting to have more eyes on our work and the things that might come out of that.

K: Using The Graph to query both off- and on-chain data

To my understanding, we can't query off-chain data with TheGraph but we can make an equivalent viewer that consumes both TheGraph API + our own offline custom indexer into one interface.

K: Can we have both off- and on-chain data available in our sandbox?

I think so - assuming there is also transparent/deterministic layer that handles the combination of those into a single view for us that can be reconstructed by anyone with that access to that data/permissions.

K: How would transclusion of blocks work?

I don't remember if we settled on a syntax in a previous converastion for what the post format looks like (with a list of block IDs within it) but we may also have raised a syntax for transclusion. Can't find the video atm

K: what media format is this "thing"? PDF for circulation purposes?

I'm imagining something accessible at buzzard.life/read/head_block_id or something like that which reads + compiles it from the blockchain, but also has a convenient already-generated PDF for people to view/download.