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Jul 30, 2021

7-30-2021 Sync Notes

by: Jon Borichevskiy

UX Flow

  1. connect to wallet
  2. + new block UI click
  3. click Save (Post)
    1. upload content to IPFS (~instant)

      1. states: uploading, finished
    2. open up Metamask/wallet

      1. submit transaction
      2. submit to blockchain (~instant)
    3. blocks propogate, n confirmations

      (becoming visible /accessible /available /online /live to your squad - in a shared context now)

      • Rinkeby testnet 15s/block = 30s-1min for finalized state

      • eth mainnet; inclusion variable on gas, 30s+

      • polygon: ~2-4 seconds

      • 2 confirmations may not be needed

open questions/for design jam

potential interfaces changes

next steps