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Sep 03, 2021

Prompt Game Play to Explore the Meta-Relational

by: Kristen Pavle


relational meta-data buzzard.game; prompt; meta-analysis; in response to @jon; related to "sustainable funding, collaboration modes, invitations to play"

additional context There's a bit of a need to capture what's happening with Buzzard, to-date, in order to move forward. A felt sense that the answers to questions we're feeling into may already exist or be closer than we realize, we seek a route to a space where the answers can emerge. In the spirit of our decentralized publishing games, I propose a prompt game as this route, described below (in Game Play).

As Buzzard (and relational OS) continues to evolve, as a group, I think it could be helpful to "ground". Do a bit of reflection, taking stock of what's happening/has happened, a touch-stone (or spring board) as we leap into what's next.

In some ways this is a way to tap into the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why (and how)) - to gather some info on what's going on. This is the grounding part - let's take a look at what's happening (aka the reality of now), feel into it some. It helps to ground in order to get more fluid in action/behavior because we're situated on sounder soil, so to speak.

This game play offers a method to sync, because we all experience and process things differently. Through this game, I hope we can tap into each other's perspectives, to form a metaperspective.

note: this additional context is mostly for my own edification, so I can start to understand why I'm proposing games--motives, perceived outcomes, design features, etc. I do hope it helps in explaining my approach to Buzzard as well.

Goals of Game

Proposed Game Play

Simple game method: a series of prompts answered in succession. Below is a high-level step-by-step outline + questions/comments to help shape the game's final form with Buzzard input.

Proposed Prompts

  1. How and why is web3 important in the current digital tech landscape? (Generally, and Buzzard or relational OS specific)
  2. What are the social implications of web3 and Buzzard/relational OS?
  3. Describe Buzzard to yourself.
  4. Who are the type of people you want to work with through Buzzard/relational OS?
  5. Describe what it's been like to work as Buzzard.
  6. What is the function of the larger ecosystem that Buzzard is in service of, the entity (perhaps DAO) creating and maintaining relational OS? (A swarm/flotilla/federation/hive of squads; Buzzard is one such squad)
  7. What constitutes a squad in the relational OS flotilla/swarm/federation/hive? What is it to be a squad?

Next Steps

If we agree this game makes sense, then we should: