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Jun 06, 2021

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by: Shahruz Shaukat

Have to start somewhere and I feel like I've forgotten how to write so here's me fiddling around in Figma for a little bit trying to figure out what I'm doing.

In the last part of our call setting this game up, we talked about trying to figure out a good way to invite more people.

The 10 things seemed too big to immediately jump into so I dwelled on the rest of the call for a bit. Wasn't sure what 10 things really meant.

Somewhere the fog of "figure out 10 things to do now", "what would this look like with more people", and "how do we get there in a nice, scalable, multi-instance-able way" got mixed together and I starting simplifying the questions into "what if everyone was already here and were also tasked with figuring out 10 things to post"?

Sort of a backwards proof-by-induction to get my bearings: if we're doing this, and it's meant to scale to more people doing something, and that thing is something that stems from this...

That felt like a interesting area to explore, so there's a bit of a metafiction I'm including in some of these posts dealing with an alternate reality where there's a social publishing protocol called SpaceX. It's pronounced "space ten" there - they love roman numerals and haven't yet devised any systems for human space travel.

SpaceX is built around one arbitrary rule: everyone gets a space to put exactly 10 things. That limitation creates some interesting opportunities, good and bad. I write about it in a bit more detail in posts 4 & 5. And post 10 covers an interesting way that limit could be used to potentially make "governance" more fun and accessible.

𖨆 // Feeling a little lost but enjoying it. I hope I'm not doing this wrong.

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